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Canadian employers are increasingly relying on foreign talent to fill vacant roles in their businesses, whether stemming from domestic labour shortages or to sustain business growth. Employers can choose from a variety of federal and provincial programs to hire full-time foreign skilled and trades workers in temporary or permanent positions. Most Canadian employers must first obtain approval from Service Canada (ESDC) before hiring a foreign worker, through an application called a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA is an employer-driven application that is used by Service Canada to assess the potential positive or negative impacts on the Canadian labour market of hiring foreign nationals, and operates under the assumption that there are no suitable Canadian citizens or permanent residence to fill a vacant position with a Canadian business. There are different types of LMIA applications to address the needs of varying industries and labour demands across Canada, including agriculture, high-demand occupations (e.g., data analysts, software engineers, IT technicians), and seasonal positions. Some employers operating in select specialized industries may be exempt from requiring an LMIA before hiring foreign nationals.


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